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Webmaster Tools

All these tools are free to use to help you build and maintain your website.

  1. Domain Availability - check domains to see if available or get suggestions

  2. Keyword Suggestion - get suggestions for any keyword of choice

  3. MetaTag Generator - easy to tool to generator your metatags

  4. Optimization tool - Optimize your code source

  5. Spider Test - check how the spiders view your website

  6. Link Popularity Test - view sites linking to you and listed in the search engines

  7. Backlink Checker - sites linking to your domain with page rank status

  8. Page Rank - Check your current google page rank

  9. Multi Page Rank Tool - check multi domains page rank

  10. Future Page Rank - check what your page rank will be in the future

  11. Google Dance Tool - see where your website is ranking while google is dancing

  12. Ping Test - ping your domain to see if it responds

  13. Server Status - check to see if your site is online

  14. Whois Information - get information about any domain, owner, dns, expire date, etc.

  15. Encrypt Text - input any text to encrypt




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