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The free gambling templates are easy to use. We designed them so that you can edit everything on the template using frontpage, dreamweaver or anything other editing program

1. All buttons are created in text so you can change the name of the button

2. Logo " casino name " is text for editing

3. Banner sizes can be changed for custom look

4. Add all your own contents

5. You may use as many free gambling templates as you wish

6. Help forum for all other question http://www.gamblingtemplates.com/forum

We have done the templates in seo friendly designs. As a bot will see your site it follows source code, which normal is top left side, middle, right side and then bottom. We have changed the order of the layouts so that it will read top and middle first giving your important content higher position in your source code.

We did a sample site so you can see what a live template can look like Sample Gambling Template

All templates require you to not remove links at the bottom the layout. You must agree to these terms and conditions prior to using the free templates. We will be tracking all templates to ensure the links remain on the site. So please do not try and remove them as we will know. If you have any questions contact us at support@gamblingtemplates.com