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<You must complete all information in request form with correct information. As in terms and conditions you must accept these conditions prior to using the free gambling templates. Each layout has a sponsor link at the bottom of the template, this sponsor link must remain on templates as long as you are using it. Removal of this link will result in you no longer being authorized to use template. We do track all templates to verify the link is still there. If you do not wish to have a sponsor link on you site, you can elect to have a custom template done at a fee. If you agree, continue with the download process.

Complete with legit information or your request will be denied. If you use the template on any other domain than what you list on the download form we will still be able to track. Removing sponsored links from the gambling templates ( this includes using any part of the template ) is in violations of terms and conditions and SUBJECT YOU TO LIQUIDATED DAMAGES IN THE MINIMUM SUM OF TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR EACH 24-HOUR PERIOD

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